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Fans Celebrate BTS Star, Jungkook, At 26

Fans Celebrate BTS Star Jungkook At 26

Fans Celebrate BTS Star Jungkook At 26 – As BTS superstar Jeon Jungkook turned 26 on Friday, fans were commemorating the occasion across the globe. The wave of birthday greetings began with fellow bandmate, Jimin, who shared a candid photo featuring the two of them on Instagram.

Jungkook initiated the birthday celebrations by posting a heartfelt message on Weverse. Responding to the
outpouring of love from fans, he expressed his gratitude for their support, saying, “It’s your birthday. As time goes by, I feel like my birthday is nothing these days, but the time that you took care of me is so precious…”

He expressed his love for the fans, acknowledging the preciousness of time together. He also thanked his fans for
their unwavering faith, attributing his confidence to them and expressing hope for a future filled with mutual trust.

He also pledged his commitment to happiness, stating, “Let’s be happy,” and amusingly revealed that he had posted his message a minute ahead of schedule.

Jimin was the first BTS member to wish Jungkook a happy birthday on social media. He shared a picture that gives a glimpse of the duo’s bare back and showcases Jimin’s unique full moon tattoo on his back which was previously hinted at in a past photoshoot, but it’s the first time it has been fully on display.

His tattoo seems to extend from the nape of his neck to the middle of his spine. The image also gives fans a glimpse of Jungkook’s extensive tattoo sleeve. RM, too, shared a collage with JK, wishing him a happy birthday.

Fans have been trending Jungkook’s birthday hashtags since midnight as well. JK even went live on Weverse, where he spent some quality time with his fans.

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