Nasims Re-arrange Portal Login Method For Npower Beneficiaries

Nasims Re-arrange Portal Login Method For Npower Beneficiaries – Nasims has restructured the Nasims portal login procedure for its beneficiaries in several NSIP programs such as Npower, GEEP, CCT, and HGDFP.

The new Nasims portal landing page displays a list of all the National social investment program categories. It is simply the login process for all beneficiaries into the Nasims site.

However, only the Npower beneficiaries login page is now active on the new Nasims landing page. The steps for Npower beneficiaries to access their dashboard are outlined below.

Npower Profile Login Through New Nasims Portal Landing Page

For those of you who are not familiar with the Nasims portal new login method. See how to login below:

1. Go to the Nasims portal https://nasims.gov.ng or https://ssp.nasims.gov.ng

2. Tick the circle beside Npower from the pop-up list and click continue.

3. The login page will open for you to login to the Nasims portal with your email and password.

If the NSIP program is improved, the new Nasims portal main page will demonstrate transparency.

Npower Beneficiaries who received the account validation notification should be aware that it is not a hoax; you must authenticate your information as advised to complete your membership in the Npower program.

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