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Prince Harry’s memoir Spare reportedly the’most dumped book of the summer’ with up to 100 copies left behind by holidaymakers

Prince Harry’s memoir Spare reportedly the’most dumped book of the summer’ with up to 100 copies left behind by holiday makersPrince Harry’s memoir Spare is the ‘most dumped’ book by holiday makers this summer, new reports claim.

The 416-page diatribe has reportedly been left in rooms, bins, and by pools at holiday hotspots across Europe and further afield, including in Spain, Greece, and Turkey.

Tour operator On The Beach said it had
received 100 left-behind copies of the
autobiography from fed-up hotel workers so far this summer, with school holidays only just getting underway.

Chief customer officer Zoe Harris told The Sun: ‘We’ve never witnessed anything quite like it. Lost property offices in our most popular resorts are brimming with copies of Spare. ‘We thought it was funny at first but, over the past few months, several other hotels have been sending the books back.’

She said the company now has ‘book cases full of them’ and that she has been forced to ask hotels to ‘please stop sending them over otherwise we’ll never get rid of them all’.

She added: ‘Maybe we should all take a leaf out of Harry ’s book and spare ourselves the bother in the first place.’

The holiday company said it would be giving away the discarded copies online.
The highly-anticipated tell-all book sold 3.2 million copies in the first week of its release back in January this year and 1.4 million on the first day alone.

It became the fastest-selling non fiction book in the UK since records began in 1998. In it, the Duke of Sussex, 38, made a series of sensational claims about the royal family.

These included an alleged altercation with his brother Prince William, in which he was allegedly knocked to the ground by the future King of England.

Harry claimed that William had branded his wife Meghan Markle ‘rude’ and ‘difficult’. He also writes how he and William begged King Charles not to marry the now Queen Camilla, who he feared could become their ‘wicked stepmother’, before suggesting she had plotted to take the crown and leaked stories to the

News of Spare being left behind by
holiday makers comes weeks after Harry and Meghan’s £18million Spotify deal ended early.

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