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Ray Emodi discussed his anxiety and the recent occurrence of severe symptoms

Ray Emodi discussed his anxiety and the recent occurrence of severe symptomsRay Emodi, an actor, has recently revealed that he suffers from anxiety and is experiencing severe symptoms. The actor revealed this in an Instagram post, stating that he has been receiving treatment since 2015.

Ray Emodi claims that his doctors have given him a medical directive to avoid stress. He claimed that as a result, he has halted film production until further notice.

Emodi also made a heartfelt plea to those he owes money to, pleading for their understanding and patience while
promising to repay them as soon as possible.

Ray Emodi wrote;
“I am suffering from anxiety. I’ve been receiving treatment for this since 2015, and one of the requirements is not to overwork. I have been having serious symptoms of late, and for this reason, I will not be able to continue with film work for the foreseeable future. Please allow me some time to refund your money. I apologize for any inconvenience. The
medical establishment that has been handling my case is called Synapse, based in Abuja”

You’re wicked: Ray Emodi reacts as filmmaker calls him out for refusing to act in her movie after collecting N700K

In other news Popular actor Ray Emodi has reacted after being lambasted by aspiring filmmaker Rosy Adigwe for
not returning her N700,000.

In a video that has gone viral, Rosy claimed that Ray refused to do her job four days after she paid him.

She explained that he told her he had another producer on his case and would only work with whoever paid first, so she paid him before her script was published.

The actor reportedly declined to take the role because of the high volume of scenes after receiving the N700k, choosing to do a refund in its place.
She begged him to do a refund, but the filmmaker noted that he insisted on doing one and that she sent him her account number. However, two days after she had sent her details, she had still not gotten paid.

When Rosy reached out to Ray Emodi, she claimed he told her he will refund her money after three weeks and she asked him why because he was the one who insisted on a refund.

According to her, things degenerated to the level of Ray Emodi blocking Rosy’s phone number even a month after he had received the money.

The young movie producer started to cry harder as she pleaded with the actor to return her money.

According to her, the actor’s debt had affected her job and she had to suspend production. In response to the allegations levelled against him, Ray Emodi in a video sighted on his Instagram page, said he has refunded the Filmmaker but not from his bank account.

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