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Remembering King Of Pop Michael Jackson, 29 August

Remembering King Of Pop Michael Jackson 29 August

Remembering King Of Pop Michael Jackson 29 August – Every August 29, the world is celebrating the posthumous birth anniversary of the king of pop, Michael Jackson, from the early day of Jackson 5 to winning billions of hearts. Coming from a family of music lovers, Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 in Garay, Indiana, in the US. He was the sixth child of his parents, Joseph and Katherin Jackson.

And while growing up, Joe Jackson formed a band with his children and named it The Jackson Five in 1964. From his early days of singing, he showed the potential to become one of the leading pop music artists of all time.

Michael Jackson was not just a singer or a music performer; he was a great songwriter, dancer, and philanthropist as well. From his iconic dance move, ‘Moonwalk’ to his ‘Earth Song’, he was a brilliant artist and great human being.

Since the amateur days of his performance, Michael Jackson has shown a tremendous ability to perform flawlessly. His singing ability was extremely good, and by then people had started noticing his dancing ability as well.

His smooth dancing styles were extremely appreciated from that age. Due to excellent singing skills and brilliant dancing aptitude with an impressive stage presence, he attracted the attention of Taylor, one of the eminent pianists of all ages.

By 1968 the Jackson Boys received support from the Apollo Theatre in New York City, after the prominent presence of the singer Diana Ross.

In 1975, ending their time with Motown, the Jackson Five they continued as The Jacksons started recording with Epic
Records. The group released several albums and it was prominent by then that Michael Jackson was going to be the leading man of the show. In 1979 he focused on his solo career and released his first solo album, Off the Wall.

Even though, the Jacksons were performing and releasing their music internationally, but, the success of his solo venture exceeded all expectations. This was the inception of a star who eventually became the ‘King of Pop’.

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